Soul Alignment Coaching

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“Be Authentic. Listen to the Voice of Your Soul. Express Your Creativity. Love All of Who You Are. 
Awaken to Your True Self.”

When our mind & body are connected with soulful alignment, we embody balance, and life takes on a quality of ease and flow.

To allow for this to manifest, requires:  
  • Cleaning out our mind clutter
  • Clearing our emotional blocks
  • Connecting with our true authentic self 

What happens in our Initial Consultation?

I identify the main energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks that keep you from accessing and embodying your fullest potential. We create a road map for clearing out the old and welcoming in more high frequency light, abundance and flow into your life. 

What happens in our ongoing Coaching? 

As we address and resolve your issues, you will learn simple Mind Body Soulful™ tools and daily practices for grounding, getting back into your body, moving into your heart, connecting to your higher self and to the larger creative intelligence of the Universe.

You will gain access to more of your own light, and your own intuitive inner knowing -- your own powerful authentic voice will emerge, shine and be easily expressed. As a result, you become empowered; joy, happiness and abundance become more available to flow into your life. 

Soul Alignment Coaching™ focuses on:
  • Aligning Mind Body & Soul
  • Removing blocks to accessing your intuition
  • Finding and expressing your unique authentic voice
  • Connecting with your inner wisdom 
  • Learning energetic discernment tools for empowerment
  • Attuning to your soul and what you are truly passionate about
  • Resolving emotional blocks
  • Healing deep relationship wounds
  • Learning to love yourself unconditionally
  • Accessing vibrant and radiant health

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Coaching Packages

(All sessions are 50 min)